The Brewery of Solt is the oldest brewery operating in the county Bács-Kiskun. Its roots go back as far as the 1880s which is proved by archive records.

The general reviewer and directory of the County Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun from 1930-31 mentions our factory as the Central Brewery and Agricultural Distillery of Solt-Dunaegyháza. Due to the collectivisation after the World War II, it became the property of the Peasant Co-operative Society, later of Trading Cooperative of Solt-Harta and its surroundings where 30-40 thousand litres of Kisüsti palinka were produced yearly as contract work.

Already as a child I was enchanted by more things such as the excellent scent of the palinka, the special atmosphere of the brewery which have been made even more inexpressible by the wood-burning cauldrons, the centuries-old ceilings covered with soot and the traditional technology.

Me and my wife bought this factory in April 2018; based on 30-year long experience as a contract distiller, having taken part in more professional trainings and having achieved several outstanding results in national and international competitions. Our new brewery had been working only as a contract brewery for the first whole year.

In 2019 our work field was extended by commercial palinka production. As a result, the first commercial tax stamped palinkas and brandies of the ‘Palinkarium of Solt’ were born which were bottled the first time in 2019.

Besides the brewery we renewed the hundred square meter big cellar preserving its authentic character. In this way, the ‘Solti Pálinkaház’ came to life where palinka tasting is regularly organized for groups of friends up to 10-50 person from time to time or at pre-arranged times. On these occasions we present the secrets of the traditional Kisüsti-technology within the confines of a spectacular brewing show.

Our purpose is to promote the high quality palinkas in our native country and abroad too.

We are looking forward to meeting you as a partner when you want to have your wine-mash brewed or if you are interested in our products.

János Kovács

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