You can only imagine the legendary flavour of Kisüsti palinka if you have ever tasted it in your life.

Our products are grown chiefly in the region Kecskemét and produced exclusively out of premium, ripe fruits.

Taste our traditional palinka from the oldest brewery of the county Bács-Kiskun, brewed according to the traditional Kisüsti-technology.

Since pálinka is a great material for other distillates, we produce three other special liquors with a 34%V/V alcohol content.

Discover our lavender, green walnut and orange liquors especially recommended for our cognoscente customers.

Our factory is the longest-running brewery of the region which attracts the good palinka lovers from far-away.

Registration, booking appointments:

06 30 2183 629

We provide opportunity to visit our distillery and also the Solti Pálinkaház where we can introduce you to the traditional ‘Kisüsti’ distillation process and let you taste our high-quality craft products within a brewing show and a palinka tasting.

At pre-arranged times we can welcome groups of friends or tourists up to 10-50 person when we compile our specialities for tasting by your pre-arrangement. Our package offers can be also delivered to your home.

After tasting you have the opportunity to buy our products on spot.

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